MLS Information

Debi Stewart

Debi Stewart is the person in charge of all things MLS. As the authorized MLS provider for our members and even non member REALTORS®, our department handles any and all issues you have relating to listings and regulations regarding the MLS.

These are some of the services we our members enjoy:
  • Annual review by NAR of MLS rules and regulations
  • IDX feeds for Brokers and Member websites
  • Classes for MLXchange and Fusion
  • We provide MLS forms online
  • Access and Access Levels for MLS
  • Tracking of all contacts for listings and changes to listings
  • Data error reports for information that is missing or incorrect in the MLS listing
  • If a member requires an MLS exemption, please send a letter explaining the exemption
    to the MLS Department.  It will be reviewed by the MLS Forms Committee who will submit
    a recommendation to the Board of Directors, who will make the decision on the exemption.

List of 3rd Party Companies 

What does the MLS Rules and Regulations say about…….

You can find a copy of the MLS Rules and Regulations by opening MLXchange and in the Resource box choose “Information” you will find them. You can also find links to many other useful tools also.

I would like an IDX feed.

Here are your options: Smartframe or RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard)feed.

  • Smartframe is $15.00 monthly ($75.00 one time set up fee)
  • RETS is $40.00 monthly ($100.00 one time set up fee)(Agents need Broker Approval)
I can’t get a photo on my listing until…..

You have 10 business days to get a photo on your listing. After that a photographer will be sent to take a front photo only and you will be charged $20.00.

What happens when I report an Agent using the List Error button in MLXchange?

An email goes to Staff at the Association. The error is investigated and the Broker gets a letter notifying them of the error. They are given 5 days to correct the error without penalty and if it is not corrected then a fine of $25.00 is accessed and will continue each month until the error is corrected or one year goes by. The person reporting the error is not revealed.

MLXchange will not print my reports properly.

This involves active x controls. You can go to http://lns.mlxchange/ax/ the MLS Component Manager and continue to choose “Install” until you have all red check marks at the right. If you have a red x you may need to call tech support for help. 888-825-5472

How do I enter Sold information on a property when the Selling Agent was a nonmember?

Nonmembers do not have individual User Names or Broker Numbers. Enter “OSC” for the Sold User Name and “999” for the Sold Broker Number.

One of our Listings expired, but we need to relist it. What is the easiest way to do this?

Go to the Listing Maintenance module under the Tools tab in MLXchange. Enter the number of the expired Listing. Instead of choosing the “Edit” button, click the “Copy” button. A new Listing will open and you will only have to fill out the List Date, Expire Date, Price, and Photo Instructions instead of filling out every field on a new Listing.

What paperwork should I send in if I use “Copy” to relist a property?

If the expiration was a typo and the original Listing Contract has not expired, or if you have a Listing Contract Change form with an extension signed by the seller before the Lising Contract expired, you can replace the old MLS number on the paperwork with the new MLS number and send a copy to the Association. If the original Listing Contract expired, you will need a new Listing Contract, Listing Form, etc. to send to the Association.

How do I transfer photos from an old Listing to a new Listing?

Open the old Listing in MLXchange and go to any report view that allows you to cycle through the photos. Right click on the primary photo and choose “Save As.” Save the file to your Desktop. Repeat for each photo on the old Listing. Open the new Listing in the Listing Maintenance module and instead of clicking “Edit,” click the “Photos” link. Load the photos saved to your desktop to the image slots on the new Listing.

I can’t change a Pending Listing to Sold. The Expiration Field is locked and I can’t put anything in it?

This happens because the Listing is past the expiration date but hasn’t expired because of the Pending status. When you click “Edit” and the list of fields pops up, click on the Expired field before you click on any other field. Change the date to today’s date. MLXchange will then let you change the other Sold information fields normally and save the Listing.

I’m from another board and want to put a Listing in the Lansing MLS, what do I do?

The cost is $75.00 for a nonmember unless there is Reciprocal access, then it is $25.00 per Listing. We will email you an application to purchase the listing packet you need to fill out to put the Listing in our Board. You will also need a letter of recommendation from your main board. Once you have sent the application to purchase a listing packet back to us, either by email, fax with credit card information or by mail with a check, you will receive the Listing packet by email. We need to have you fill out the packet, and send it back to us. (email, fax or mail) You will need to include a copy of the contract you are using with your board. It takes three to five business days to input the Listing into our system. Email up to 25 pictures in jpeg format to or

Can you tell me the Statistics for……

There are statistics that can be run by going to MLXchange and choose Reports then Statistical Reports.

What is our coverage area?

We cover Clinton, Eaton and Ingham counties; however our MLS has some Listing in counties that are adjacent to all three counties such as Ionia, Shiawassee, Livingston and Jackson.

What are the dividing lines for the four quadrants of Lansing?

The North/South dividing line is I-496 and the East/West dividing line is Washington Avenue.

Why aren’t my Listing showing up on Websites other than

You may not have Opted in as a Company to IDX (Internet Data Exchange), a form can be sent to you to do that.

How do I get into the Reciprocal access for Ann Arbor, Central Michigan, Shiawassee, Jackson or SWMRIC?

You can open MLXchange and choose “Message of the Day” all the information to log into the Boards that GLAR has Reciprocal agreements with have links and the username and password is also found there.

How do I get into the Reciprocal access for Ann Arbor, Central Michigan, Shiawassee, Jackson or SWMRIC?