Before Applying for a Mortgage

How to Prepare for Your First Lender Meeting

Important Questions to Ask Your Lender

Mortgage Mistakes Buyers Can Avoid

What to Know Before Using an Online Lender

Is Buying a Home Still a Good Investment

3 Tips for Finding the Right Lender and Mortgage

What is Mortgage Insurance and How Does it Work? 

Why Private Mortgage Insurance Can Be a Good Thing

Buying a Home on One Income? Here are Some Tips 

How Will Rising Rates Affect Buyers 

Should Private Mortgage Insurance Stop you From Buying?

Should I Consider an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)?

I'm Self Employed, Can I Still Get a Mortgage?

Tips for Finding the Right Lender

How Will Student Loans Affect My Mortgage Opportunities 

4 Ways to Avoid Overextending Yourself When Buying

What To Know Before You Co-Sign a Mortgage

Loan-To-Value, Debt-To-Income, What Does it Mean? 



Mortgage Options

The Easy Guide to Home Loans

USDA Rural Development Loan

What You Need to Know About VA Loans 

Is a 15-Year Mortgage Right for Me? 

What is a Land Contract?

How is a Land Loan Different from a Home Loan?

What Mortgage is Right For Me? 

Can I Get a "Fixer Upper" Loan? 

Can I Add Home Improvement Costs to My Mortgage?



Down Payments

Prepare for Homeownership with These 6 Steps 

Four Tips for Funding a Down Payment

How Long Will it Take to Save for Down Payment 

New Law Establishes Help For First-Time Buyers

Can I Purchase A Home with No Money Down?

The Benefits of a Smaller Down Payment

4 Reasons to Make a Larger Down Payment

I Can Do A 20 Percent Down Payment, But Should I?

A Closer Look at MSHDA's Down Payment Assistance

Does Down Payment Assistance Have to be Repaid?

Your Down Payment Assistance Questions Answered

Using Gift Money as a Down Payment

Down Payment Assistance isn't Just for First Timers 

What to do if You're Denied a Mortgage Loan

My Spouse Has Poor Credit....Can We Buy?


After Applying for a Mortgage

Why Mortgages Can Be Denied After Pre-Approval?

How Does the Underwriting Process Work

What Exactly is an Amoritzation Schedule?

Understanding Conventional Mortgage Limits


Mortgages as a Homeowner

Should you Refinance an FHA into a Conventional? 

How Often Can you Refinance a Mortgage? 

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?

Is Refinancing About to Get More Expensive?

Is Home Loan Modification Right for You? 

Should You Refinance Your Government Backed Loan?