Scary Stories from Home Inspectors

Home inspectors go where a lot of us wouldn’t want to go...spooky attics, scary basements, creepy crawl spaces, etc. So you can bet that in addition to finding needed repairs, they’ve probably collected a terrifying tale or two. Here are just a few frightening finds that have given inspectors the chills.

Creepy Critters 
After examining the main floor of a home, you pull down the access ladder and make your way up to the attic. Shining your flashlight around you notice a few cobwebs, a couple of boxes, some holiday decorations...typical attic finds. But as you continue to scan the space your heart skips a beat as you land on a pair of shining yellow eyes!

“Finding the occasional unwanted house guest is not uncommon in the inspection business,” said Jason Murton with Accurate Inspections, LLC. “Raccoons, squirrels, bats, mice, snakes, even an opossum...we’ve run into plenty of pests that have made us jump.” 

And it’s not just unwanted wildlife that gives inspectors a fright, family pets do their fair share of scaring as well. 

“We’ve been startled by cats darting across rooms, moving underneath blankets, and one even reached out from a dining room chair and scratched one of our inspectors on the leg,” said Murton.  

Terrifying Toys 

You’re halfway through an inspection, diligently checking things off your list and completely focused on the task at hand. Suddenly, the faint sound of a chime sends a shiver down your spine. 

“Kids have so many noise making toys that go off when you least expect it, and some of them are motion activated, which can really startle you,” said Murton. “And I can’t tell you how many times I have stepped on something in a basement and thought it was alive, but it turned out to only be a stuffed animal.” 

Petrifying Pranks 

As if inspectors don’t run into enough spooky sights on their own, Murton says there are some humorous homeowners who like to prank professionals by setting up a scare or two. 

“We’ve seen a Chuckie doll strategically placed in the attic access, and we had a homeowner who set up a life-like doll in a rocking chair that actually began to move when the door was opened,” he said. “Sure it gives us a good laugh afterwards, but when you first enter the room it will definitely give you the creeps.” 

Bone-chilling basements 

Some newer homes have fabulously finished basements, but in many older homes, the basement can be a dark and dingy place. While it makes for a great storage space, whenever you need to go down there, you get out as fast as you can. If your own basement creeps you out, just imagine what inspectors have seen. 

“Sometimes we’ll go down into a poorly-lit basement in which the homeowner stores home canning jars,” said Murton. “Canned beets, sauerkraut, venison…some of that food looks pretty mysterious and, combined with the atmosphere in the basement, it can be a bit eerie.” 

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